Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sparkles...A spin on the traditional and defined trademark.

Voted Best Cupcakes In Thailand!

Sparkles is the first well established one of a kind cupcakery in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  Recognized internationally for our fresh philosophy on classic desserts and our modern spin on the traditional with exciting flavors in cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other sweets for the sophisticated palates. 

Designed by a Thai-American with a creative vision, artistic sensibilities and defined trademark style of 110+signature cake flavors, 45+ soft cookie flavors, Giant Cupcake Cakes and Gourmet Ice Cream Cookies.  Creating both sweet/savory unique cake flavors as foie gras, smoked salmon+caviar, lavender flowers from Provence, saffron-rosewater, truffle-vanilla beans, natural blue velvet and more.  Our latest addition and first ever collection of original cakes is also the "Cake-tails", specialty cakes for the real "Sparkles" connoisseur. 

Sparkles provides the best quality of products by using the finest natural and organic ingredients available, while focusing on taste and ensuring all ingredients are delicate, yet bold and well-balanced with each other.  We always use fresh dairy products, organic eggs, organic/natural sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans and natural fruits.  We have a firm belief in keeping things wholesome and natural as possible.

Our products have no preservatives, no corn syrup, no glucose syrup, no artificial flavors, no shortening, no palm oil, no margarine, no gelatin, no gum paste and no fondant. 

We take pride in our products, services and strive to add "Sparkles" to your day! 

Sparkles is all about the "Sweet Life" of passion, pleasure and personality! 

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